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Synergy Artistic Staff

29970 SW Town Center Loop W.
Suite E.
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070
(503) 682-8582
Synergy Evolution: Innovation at Work
Dedicated to Continuous Learning
The staff at Synergy receives ongoing training in styling techniques and practices. We believe in learning from the best because we are who we learn from. Salon owner Michelle Louise flew to Florida in 2007 for a coloring seminar with renowned Manhattan salon owner Beth Minardi.

Embracing Our Responsibility as Members of a Global Community
Synergy Artistic Salon is devoted to making the world a better place and embracing earth-friendly policies. We also believe very strongly in taking an active role in giving back to our local community.

The salon recycles 1/3 to1/2 of its waste. Click here for information on Metro’s “Recycle at Work” program.

We also took our message to the street, convincing other merchants in our shopping center to do their part for the environment. There are now dedicated recycle bins in the plaza and even a recycling vessel for a nearby restaurant to properly dispose of cooking oil.

Living Up to a Higher Standard: Paul Mitchell Focus® Salon
Synergy Artistic Salon is a Paul Mitchell® Focus Salon. We specialize in delivering expert advice about Paul Mitchell® and Paul Mitchell® Professional Hair Color. We carry only John Paul Mitchell Systems® products (except in product classes where Paul Mitchell® products are not available)
Synergy Artistic Salon: Giving Back to the Community
Wilsonville Spokesman, April 2008.
As the region debates when and how much to recycle, three local businesses demonstrate that a concerted effort can make a difference. Synergy Artistic Salon talks about recycling.
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Modern Salon, April 2008.
6 Steps to Waste Less and Recycle the Rest. See Synergy Artistic Salon’s advice on Recycling Smarts #3.
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Clackamas County BRAG Program.
See Synergy Artistic Salon listed as a distinguished member.
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Clackamas County Department of Transportation & Development; BRAG Program. Honoring Synergy Artistic Salon.
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