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29970 SW Town Center Loop W.
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Wilsonville, Oregon 97070
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Employment with Synergy Artistic Salon
Synergy Artistic Salon works exclusively with an elite class of stylists. Employment with our company requires a passion for continual learning, creativity, and the ability to deliver a refreshing, distinctive client experience.

If you possess the following traits, you may be a good fit for us. Synergy stylists must be:

Team Oriented
Synergy is derived from a Greek term meaning “working together” and describes what happens when two or more influences come together to create something greater than either could create alone. As a Synergy Artistic Salon, you must be able to put aside self-interest and to collaborate with other Synergy staff to create a client experience that transcends ordinary.

We believe that those who take responsibility for their lives and actions, rather than looking for external causes, do the most good for our community. Synergy stylists must anticipate client needs and prepare themselves in advance to make a positive impact on our clients’ lives.

Success at Synergy Artistic Salon requires intrinsic motivation. You can only achieve your goals if you are passionate and committed to your own growth. Every stylist must be self-directed toward reaching personal and professional objectives.

Generate new ideas. Expand on existing ones. Creativity is what keeps us fresh. Our stylists are innovators – we dare to break with tradition and we’re not afraid to try new things.

Every day at Synergy is an opportunity for awakening. We view ourselves as works in progress, forever evolving in our craft and as people. To be a stylist at Synergy, you must be prepared to accept the diverse views of others and to keep yourself open to personal growth.

A Lifelong Learner
A lifelong learner must know herself, dare to ask questions, and collaborate with others. We place a strong emphasis on continued professional development. To that end, our stylists are expected to invest in themselves. We pride ourselves at staying on the cutting edge of hair sculpting trends and techniques – and you must do so, too.

Like Family
Our focus is on creating a tranquil, refreshing experience for our clients. A cohesive family atmosphere exists here at Synergy Artistic Salon along with ultimate professionalism of the industry.

If you are still interested in employment, please contact Synergy for a copy of the employee manual. Once you have read the manual, you may submit an application. We cannot guarantee you will be called for an interview.

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